Wood Turning

About Me

I have been a woodturner since 1999.  A coworker of mine talked about wood turning and showed me some of his work.  I was hooked.  I always liked to work with wood and build things.  However, when I bought my first lathe, a Grizzly model G5979, I wanted no part in using any other woodworking tools.  Since that time, I have upgraded to a Powermatic 3520B.

Start out as a simple hobby and born of necessity, I started turning table legs and other furniture to furnish my house.  As time went by, I realized I didn't enjoy woodworking anymore.  I wanted to spend my time on the lathe.  Every day I would read articles and new turning ideas and give them a try.  Before long, I started selling my work to support my turning habit.  Now, I have sold my pieces to collectors in over 25 countries on 6 continents.

I currently have several woodturning articles published in Woodturning Design magazine. The first article is a tutorial on building a shop made pen squaring jig and can be found in issue # 37.  The second article is on creating a pen made from a paperback book and is found in issue # 38. The third article is on making pens from pine cones.  This was split into 3 seperate issues.  Issues #43, #44, and #45.


My shop is located in Gaines Pennsylvania, small town only miles away from the Pennsylvania grand canyon.  Surrounded my mountains full of trees, it is the perfect location for woodturning.  Have a look at the view I have to pass everyday.